Church of Reconciliation

Chapel Hill, NC

The congregation of the Church of Reconciliation wanted a welcoming and bright space to express the congregation’s openness and strong sense of spirit. The resulting building complements the natural beauty of its setting with expanded connections to the outdoors. The addition of numerous large windows and a central translucent dormer bring abundant natural light into the worship space. Exterior features include the newly renovated outdoor worship area, a garden established by the Vacation Bible School, and a colorful rain cistern. Building materials were selected to foster worship and for sustainability, while being mindful of issues of budget and durability. The worship space was expanded from 2500 square feet to 3330 square feet, providing more seating for services, concerts and other special events.

The Church of Reconciliation renovation and addition creates an enriched worship and fellowship experience. Its modest design connects the congregation to the church’s outdoor setting, while providing new facilities and support services including a new kitchen, new bathrooms, storage and improved energy efficiency.

A large patio and pavilion create an inviting entry and outdoor gathering space. The fellowship hall will seat 100 people for meals, music and gatherings and will be available to the community for rent and for weddings and meetings.

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General Contractor: C.T. Wilson Construction Company

Header photo © Grant Bizios Architecture