House of Art and Music: More Photos

The owners of this custom home were new to the area and particularly drawn to vernacular North Carolina barns. The site, populated with pines & hardwoods, is located in rural Orange County. A large creative family, they wanted a house that would suit the needs of their growing daughters and foster creative thinking.

The program includes a main house and an art/music studio. A close connection to the outdoors is created by wrap-around porches and a large south-facing screen porch. The public living spaces create an inviting place for entertaining guests and accommodating a large family. An informal art space to the west bookends the lower level, connected by a footbridge to the more formal art/music studio at the edge of the pine forest. The private sleeping areas are housed on the upper levels of the home, with dorm-like living spaces for the 5 girls and an informal family room on the second level. The family looks forward to many years of making art and music.

Additional Photos

“Consider the site and its buildings as a living eco-system. Leave those areas that are the most precious, beautiful, comfortable, and healthy as they are, and build new structures in the parts of the site which are least pleasant now.”
Christopher Alexander, Architect, Educator